Thursday, January 17, 2008

my blackheads are zombies

on the narcissist tip, i am compelled to share this.
as i age, i have accumulated blackheads where i once had fair, fine skin. mostly, on my nose.
this happens. however, now said blackheads have aggregated to the extent that they have unionized against me. if i squeeze one, they all want to be squeezed and start oozing ropy goodness on my shaving mirror. i'm thinking, zombies.
this mostly happens in the middle of the night, after the little one is asleep. this is also the real reason i am not sleeping, despite my vain and desperate attempts to pretend otherwise.
to return the zombies to their graves.

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Katrina said...

thanks for your kind blog comment. missed you at the bhanu reading. come back, come back to blogland! xoxo.