Tuesday, August 22, 2006

an old man and old lady you know - an installment

Old Man Knock Me Down and Old Lady Knock Me Up loved to sit stooped over and smoke and sass each other and hex everyone they knew. They cursed and laughed and twirled their ringlets smoky with dew until the cats choked fiberglass. One day Dr. Natura said KAPOW! OH-OH-OH! BLAM! and Young One Sit Down showed up and there was no more smoking for Knock Me Up and limited smoking for Knock Me Down. Old Lady cursed and spat jealous teeth at Old Man but still there was no smoking for Knock Me Up cos Young One was watching in lifted belly. Soon Old Lady was tired all the time and suspected Old Man had impregnated her with Mexicans cos she craved burritos more than the Colonel's chicken.
Old Lady liked to blame Old Man because it was easier than accepting responsibility so she threw her shoes at him nightly.
It was fun but then Old Man stopped sassing her and smoked in private. So she stopped. And yelled at the cats instead.

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