Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What the Library of Congress' cataloging classification system has to say about the US's funding priorities

The Library of Congress Classification System(LCC) lists 128 classifications under the heading of "Law" which while including many regional territories including the fifty states reads as rather excessive in juxtaposition with the other headings.

The heading of "Education" lists 11, "Music" lists 3, and "Visual Arts" 8.

I find these numbers curious given the United States' priorities in terms of allocating federal funding. Or, perhaps to properly reflect our country's priorities, the numbers should read way lower.

Lately more frustrated than ever about the choices we are making. We say we care about for example, the future of libraries.Then we compile Amazon wishlists and feel gleeful at the thought of insouciantly spending money instead of worrying every dollar and click click to concatenate consumer regret. I am also talking about myself. Guilty.

I hereby vow that - despite my current and seeming future position of straddling the poverty line - I will make every effort to avoid buying books from Amazon (even textbooks) and will reinvigorate my passion for local booksellers by showing up like I used to - before I started grad school for the second time and became an MLIS/IT techie drone.

Robots unite!

Go buy paper books!


Here are some links to get you nice and pissed and fiery plus some links to fave Bay Area bookshops.
If you wish, I am also glad to pass along many resources concerning libraries, the future of libraries, e-books, etc. Backchannel for biblio.

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