Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This sunshine is goddamn leaping in my chest and I find myself excited for no reason. Keep thinking about spring break as though I am going to some beach with a camera crew and bikinis but really, I will be making catch up and googly faces and tickle toes with my homework. THIS SUN THIS SUN AAHHHHHHHHHH..

I reassure myself with a bike ride to Coney Island but then I remember that I now live in California. You'd think after NINE years I could stop reminding myself I live here. Dreams. My legs are shaking just thinking about the Cyclone. Again, leapeth heart and smashes particles. The grime of the boardwalk between my toes and during Mermaid Parades, always a lesbian dance party. Topless in the living room at Pride super sunbeam collider.

Sunny sideup sidewalks and the threat of burning during a game of jacks. Marbles and Manhunt. The summer is coming and I miss getting sprinkled by the fountains. The junk labyrinth shop that is no longer there where I bought my first erotic novel. The sea the sea the maw of it. 

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