Friday, March 12, 2010

Dustin' off my Docs and Tights

I am going to see Faith no More's reunion show at the Warfield! Holy happy day! I can't stop exclaiming!
This has pretty much made any conversation, any studying, any reading, any working activity pointless.

Here's an example of my brain on FNM:

The precoordinate terms must be assigned for the indexer "tossed into my mind, stirring the calm, you splash me with beauty, and pull me down" please remit to Pixpay at the following address "the sacred song that someone sings to's the jewel of victory, the chasm of misery" preschool application due date child services child abuse fears is their license valid "i deserve a reward cos i'm the best fuck that you ever had, man if i tighten up my hole you may never see the light again..."

The first time I saw FNM was on the Real Thing tour in January 1990 at the New Ritz. I still have my ticket, omg. They played with Voivod and Soundgarden, and I danced with my mom and (aunt) Theresa. I was fifteen. That show was followed up by two more at L'amours, one with VV and SG, the next with Circus of Power.
Since then, I have been among the throngs of fans at Tomahawk, Fantomas, and Bungle shows digging the music, pining for FNM.
TWENTY YEARS have passed. I am 35, a wife, an almost librarian, a MOM.
I am going by myself and busting out my DMs and tights. What up. 


Nada Gordon: 2 ludic 4 U said...

I remember Faith No More. Skinny white kids with dreads. I still wear Docs and tights. Mmm hmm.

me said...

True. Let's say "docs, tights, and short jean shorts."