Wednesday, May 06, 2009

35 about me - which I never got around to publishing on FB and now it would be an annoyance and so i'm thinking it's a way to reenter the wilderness.

a context, a culling:

I was tagged a few times and decided to use the form as an exercise for writing a memoir. i was also reading my life by lyn hejinian, and became very interested in the idea of telling one's story by way of alternating perspectives.

i feel that we are by turns insects, birds, idiots. we are pieces of songs scribbled in journals, pieces of family, memory, yesterday's breakfast, gas station signs, and gashed knees. we are bits and parts and effluvia and heartbreak and so much more.
this is an attempt to capture some of that so much more.

1. “Conceived in the idiom of the instrument.”[i]

2. Sound of arm or wing flapping.

3. Toys under couch cushions, dirty ashtrays and silenced music.

4. Getting her adult feathers. Picked on, plucked off.

5. Lots of stares at my tiger umbrella.

6. My plant-life fell off the back of a truck.

7. Simple, green bean.

8. Egress, dotard.

9. Herky jerky heart parts.

10. Acacia leaves.

11. Ant parts in the soap.

12. In the shower forgetting my dance moves.

13. Afraid to become her.

14. Bells of an ice cream truck.

15. I’m being self-indulgent and I like it.

16. Tube feet, whoosh whoosh.

17. I’m 35 and I have never owned a car.

18. Ambidextrous, slanted writing.

19. I am going to die before I finish.

20. No patience for chitchat.

21. I just ate a whole bag of pita chips.

22. High school dropout, failed cheerleader.

23. Pillbug, echinoderm.

24. Also, her and her and her.

25. Three or four a day fat during punchball.

26. Woe, bluebell.

27. Gun, Wing, Skull.

28. Eco-friendly collision center.

29. Pink Floyd and french fries.

30. I’m not going in there. There’s responsibility in that room.

31. Deciduous, show enough face pattern to separate.[ii]

32. Radiolarian when exponent.

33. The elephant stepped on the molasses.

34. Crumbling irascible.

35. Mountain a silly dress I wear.

[i] Gizzi, Peter. The House that Jack Built: The Collected Lectures of Jack Spicer. University Press of New England: 1998.
[ii] Robbins, Chandler S.; Bruun, Bertel; Zim, Herbert S. A Guide to Field Identification Birds of North America. Golden Press: 1966.

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Katrina said...

such an amazing list. and i hear you are reading at canessa soon. also an amazing thing... congrats!