Wednesday, January 07, 2009

wilderness voice

hi, faithfuls.
will you be witness to my energy-scattering distracted whore revelry?
i've decided some explaining is in order. only i am already truncating myself.
focus, self.
for some time, i've wondered whether i would continue this blog, and if so, where the hell do i want it to go or be. that said, i think i must bifurcate in order to disseminate. forthwith, babies will be whispered of in another atmos. i will post word here when/if i create a mama green blog. for now though, i need this space to be clear for the aggregate of incoherent consciousness streams. this is a spam filter of sorts for my serial poem-in-progress, wilderness brooklyn.
i welcome any comments/suggestions.

thanks for reading...


Anonymous said...

can i tell you:
you effin rock.

me said...

wow! thanks, anonymous!