Sunday, October 14, 2007

i'm compiling a map of places to change your kid

We fed the kid pears today. Then I took him to a poetry reading. I don't recommend this. Grunt, grunt. Loud.
I have to say though, the kid had good timing. Sorry, pseudo Bay Area-famous poet-editor-guy.
I wonder what my chances are of getting published in THAT magazine.

Since Pegasus does not have a changing table nor a table without 900 toiletries in their bathroom (which they are kind enough to let you use, however), I changed him on the floor. From Sean Manzano, I have learned this fine art. I once questioned his reasoning. He showed up at my house and pooh-poohed my offering of our bed. Now I understand. You get used to this. It's better this way. You can't expect Peets or Starbucks to install changing tables in both women's and men's bathrooms, after all. This would be too much. Parents don't drink coffee. No. I say do not use their convenient crappy dirty plastic tables. Boycott the changing table. The floor is usually cleaner.
I draw the line at Moe''s though. They bathroom floor nasty.

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